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Based upon a seminar and national symposium on education conducted by Teaching Forums, Doctors and Psychologists for Mother Nature (ForADokSi-BIP) in 2007, education experts in Jakarta and some other areas of Indonesia recommended the establishment of a school based on a holistic system of education. Furthermore, the teachers, psychologists and doctors whom are members of ForAdokSi-Bip suggested to Mr. Anand Krishna that there was an immediate need to create a concept for a holistic system of education. 

As a result of this advice, the Anand Krishna Education Foundation also known as (YPAK) was initiated based on the certificate of notary no 17 dated 15th October 2007. It’s very first program was the establishment of One Earth School in 2009 in the province of Bali. 

The curriculum in use has been specialized, but is still based upon the national curriculum issued by the Indonesian Department of Education. This specialized curriculum was designed to nurture the potential of each pupil in order for them to empower their body, mind and soul holistically. It propagates will power, wisdom and excellence in action. Each child has the opportunity to develop characteristics that will enable them to be world class citizens, manage their environment, face and respond to national challenges. They will also have the ability to act responsibly, both as individuals or in groups in the national or international world.