One Earth School classroom

Well equipped and well designed classrooms at One Earth School are designed to enhance the teaching and learning process. The classes also have resources storage, and learning support equipment. 


One Earth School Library

Our library has a wide range quality books and audio visual resources to enrich students' learning experience.

Outdoor Facilities

One Earth School Outdoor Facilities

As our school prioritizes holistic education and creativity development, some activities for the children will be carried out outside the class. In order to enable this, the school provides several outdoor facilities such as a basketball court, and a vast playground equipped with a range of different fun and safe games to be used by the children. 

School Hall

One Earth School Hall

Our hall is an open area which has multi-function (morning assembly, celebration, etc). Design of the hall is unique using traditional Javanese architecture. Moreover, we put several statues such as Little Krishna, Little Jesus, Little Buddha, Mosque, and Shiva Nataraja. These symbols are reminder of our divinity within and represent universal value of life.